A voice comes out only by "Speakun" touching printed matter. The most advanced voice pen

"Speakun" is the touch pen developed by utilizing an advanced technology of Apollo Japan which is read the code and giving off the voice that links to the code when the pen touches printed matter. It is introduced in practical use in various fields including contents for learning of ECC and Benesse and the support contents of the aphasic.

About Speakun

Speakun is the touch pen which was developed utilizing the most advanced technology of Japan and China and when it touches the part where the code is embedded and reproduces the related recorded voice since the screen code which is "invisible code" and is a patent technology of the Apollo Japan has been embedded in print mediums such as the paper.

As it has a function of recording a voice and of embedding the code, it can also be possible to record the sounds such as one's voices and reproduce the recorded voice according to the embedded code by making the linkage between the code and the recorded voice.

As the operation is simple and the pen makes a voice by only touching the printed matter where the code is embedded, it will be easily used by anyone, such as;
・Small child
・Elderly person
・Visually handicapped
・Foreigner who came to Japan for sightseeing and cannot speak Japanese
・Foreigner who lives in Japan

It can be applied in various fields such as "education", "medical care" and "nursing/care" including a picture book, the learning teaching materials and a notebook assisting towards aphasia.

It makes a sound when a book is touched.

It makes a sound when a book is touched.

The support product for the aphasic as well

The support product for the aphasic as well

How to use of Speakun

  • Inserting the SD card which the voice corresponding to the book to be used

  • Turning on a switch

  • Touching a part which is desired to hear

  • A sound is played

Feature of Speakun

  • Feature 1 A sound comes out when it was touched

    When Speakun touches the part where the screen code was printed on, it recognizes the code and reproduces the related and recorded voice.

  • Feature 2 Screen Code of "Invisible Code" can be embedded anywhere

    The code can be embedded anywhere, even on the design part or even on the blank paper without spoiling printed matter and the design of contents, because Screen Code of "Invisible Code" is employed.

  • Feature 3 Recording a sound and linking it with the code

    Recording a sound and linking it with the code. In case of the English teaching and learning materials, it is possible to confirm own pronunciation and to ask a teacher to confirm it when presenting it as homework by recording one’s pronunciation and linking it with the code. In case of the support notebook of the aphasics well, if a family records the words that patients often use and the words can be linked with the code, the words can be reproduced anytime and it becomes a easy way to realize mutual understanding through Speakun.

Speakun after productization

- Junior high school English textbook "TOTAL ENGLISH1 .2" (Gakko Tosho Co., Ltd.)
- The pen makes the sound "what is phonics? A book with CD" (mpi Matsuka Phonics inc.)
- Speakun product Niwatori (chiken) type kanji card (Niwatori no
kai, Chicken Association)
- Speakun product Seal for reading aloud English words (LLC asebi)
- Speakun product, chattering pen Thai / Myanmarese / English (DOT Co., Ltd.)
- Speakun product EIKEN tests measures course (ECC Co., Ltd.)
- Collection of Trip conversation Chinese / English / Korean to learn with a touch pen (Best com Co., Ltd.)
- The pen produces a sound for "English visual dictionary 555" (mpi Matsuka Phonics inc.)
- Reading aloud pen Satoshi-kun (Com Friend Co., Ltd.)
- Utilization example Reading aloud pen Satoshi-kun (Com Friend Co., Ltd.)
-Topic trendy Reading aloud pen Satoshi-kun (Com Friend Co., Ltd.)

Speakun after productization

- Picture book and the teaching materials which produce the sound
- Speaking Terrestrial globe
- Fusion with Braille
- English hearing tool
- An automatic order device of a restaurant and the online sale as a speaking pen
- Forged prevention seal

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